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Design Works

Smile Embroidery Kit by Design Works

Smile Embroidery Kit by Design Works

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Smile Embroidery Kit by Design Works - 7180

Each crewel embroidery kit contains;

- outline printed fabric

- stranded cotton

- needle

- stitch diagram

- instructions

- wooden hoop

Design size 15 x 15 cm

Smile embroidery kit is a beautiful design featuring a circle of colourful flowers surrounding the pre-printed word 'smile'. Stitched on white fabric to make the colours pop, this inspirational embroidery kit will give you hours of stitching pleasure.

Smile embroidery kit is one of a range of freestyle embroidery kits which include a wooden embroidery hoop that can be used as you stitch to keep the fabric taught and as a finishing frame after completion. Choose from a wide range of popular designs and find yourself the perfect embroidery kit today! 

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