Collection: Macrame Kits

Macramé is the craft of knotting string, thread or rope to create fantastic textiles.

Originating in the Middle East, Macrame developed from basic knots to more sophisticated decorative work. 

Worked in any thread that can be tied in a knot, and requiring almost no tools, the possibilities in the art of Macrame are endless. You only need your hands and some way to keep the work mounted securely, whether that be with a board and pins or simply sellotaped to a work surface, whichever works best for you to keep the knots tight.

Macrame was extremely popular in the Victorian era, they used very fine threads which produced an almost lace like effect, perfect for covering mantlepieces, lampshades, pianos and adding to clothing.

These quality kits by Design Works contain everything you need to complete your chosen macramé design.