Tapestry Kits

Tapestry or Needlepoint is a form of embroidery where wool or yarn is stitched through mesh canvas. Although a variety of stitches can be used, most tapestries are worked using tent or half cross stitch.

As finished tapestry or needlepoint is usually quite stiff, it is normally used for wall hangings, cushions, seat covers and bags.

The fabric or canvas count for tapestry is generally large count to accommodate the use of wool or yarn, this can affect the smaller details, very fine tapestry or needlepoint is known as petit point.

We have a good range of tapestry kits for you to choose from including tapestry cushion kits, bellpulls, footstools and firescreens. Most tapestry and needlepoint kits are worked on a printed canvas but counted tapestry is also available so please read the description carefully.

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