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Design Works

Mandala Zenbroidery by Design Works

Mandala Zenbroidery by Design Works

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Mandala Zenbroidery by Design Works - 4008

Each Zenbroidery kit contains:

- printed fabric

- needle

Design size 25 x 25cm

Mandala Zenbroidery kit is printed embroidery design showing a patterned circle design in traditional mandala style. This new, modern take on embroidery has no rules or instruction, simply choose your threads, choose your colours and go for it!

Mandala Zenbroidery by Design Works is one of a range of free form embroidery designs using printed fabric and your imagination. Stitch it all, stitch a little but stitch it your own way. Mindful and relaxing 'colouring in' using needle and thread. Be warned, Zenbroidery embroidery is addictive!



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