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We stock all of the DMC stranded cotton range including variegated shades and Light Effects metallics as well as DMC Satin Thread, Diamant and DMC Colour Variations.

Our stranded cotton and craft thread packs are from a quality range by Janlynn, excellent value for money and perfect for all projects.

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  • Thread Packs

    Thread packs are a great way to buy a good selection of colours to get you started or to top up your stash.


    We currently stock thread packs in stranded cotton and single strand craft thread by Janlynn.

  • DMC Stranded Cotton

    DMC stranded cotton is the most widely used stranded cotton in the world and a favourite of needleworkers and offers a choice of 465 colours ranging from subtle to intense shades.

    DMC stranded cotton is easy to use on all fabrics and is ideal for cross stitch and other types of needlework stitches.

  • DMC Light Effects

    A fantastic range of 'light reflecting' threads that bring light and life to your creations.

    6 groups offering unique and dazzling effects, 36 colours in total. Excellent for blending with DMC Stranded cotton and for adding highlights to your cross stitch projects.

     Precious Metal Effects - gold or silver effects for a radiant touch.

     Jewel Effects - gem like colours for a dazzling effect.

     Antique Effects - antique metals for a vintage look.

     Pearlescent Effects - pastel, pearly and iridescent colours.

     Fluorescent Effects - bright colours for fun patterns.

     Glow In The Dark - a revolutionary stitching thread that glows at night.

  • DMC Satin Thread

    DMC Satin Thread is a stranded thread which gives brightness and shimmer to your cross stitch and embroidery creations. It is very similar in feel to DMC Rayon.

    In traditional embroidery, the longer the stitch the more the Satin Thread will capture the light and brightness.

    In counted cross stitch, Satin Thread can be used solely or mixed with other DMC stranded threads to create fantastic effects.

    With a shimmering colour palette of 56 beautiful shades, the possibilities are endless.

  • DMC Diamant

    DMC Diamant is a hand embroidery thread with brilliant effects. It is made up of viscose and metallic polyester, it is soft and supple, keeps its twist when used and gives a precise and even coverage.
    DMC Diamant can be used on all kinds of fabric including cotton, linen, satin and silk and is ideal for traditional hand embroidery and cross stitch.
    35 metre spools

  • DMC Colour Variations

    With DMC Colour Variations: One thread and colour comes to life!

    * A gorgeous palette of 36 colours.
    * Original heirloom quality DMC stranded cotton embroidery thread.
    * Easy care, can be washed in warm water (60'). Light fast, wash fast, colourfast.
    * Tones from neighbouring colour families create a rich, vibrant effect.
    * No harsh contrasts. Colurs blend gently and seemlessly one into another.
    * Each Colour Variations thread is co-ordinated with the DMC colours.
    * Short colour sequence means subtle colour changes every few stitches.
    * No two designs are the same when stitched with Colour Variations.

  • DMC Coloris Stranded...

    DMC Coloris is a multi-coloured stranded cotton combining four complimentary colours in each skein.

    The complete colour change every 5cm enables you to easily achieve intricate effects with just one thread.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items