All data will be collected for the sole purpose of processing an order and for no other reason. Customers have the option on the website to opt in to a newsletter via email, this is currently not used but may be in the future.

All credit card payments are processed via SagePay, the bulk of which are processed directly through the SagePay site by the customer themselves. Any telephone payment details taken are processed via a SagePay virtual terminal and the details destroyed immediately using a confetti cut shredder. No credit card data is stored by myself under any circumstances.

Customers can open an account on the website or chose the guest option, all details are kept securely within the website which is held on a secure server through Michael Preston ICT.

Customer accounts are checked regularly and any that have not been used for a reasonable length of time are deleted. Should you wish to have your account details deleted at any time, please call 01325 240192 or email

One paper copy of every order placed is kept for 6 years, as per the HMRC requirements and then destroyed securely, I currently use the secure shredding service offered by The Great North Air Ambulance. Electronic order details are kept for three months before deletion.

Paperwork within the current six year period is stored in dated boxes in a hidden storage area within my home which is alarmed. The alarm is checked and serviced on an annual basis. Paperwork from the current year is stored in my home office which also has a lockable door and is transferred to the storage area when the box is full. Paperwork kept consists of the customer’s name, address, telephone number and items ordered only, no payment details are stored.

All orders are posted using Royal Mail or a courier if necessary. All orders are processed by myself, I have no employees. On occasion it might be pertinent to ask a supplier to post out an item directly to the customer, in this case, I will always ask the customer’s permission to give out their address.

I offer a photo charting service and as such customers will supply me with a photo they wish to have charted. This photo along with the customers surname only is sent via email to graphic designer Mel Wylde, for charting, no data is shared.