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This section contains lots of different needlework kits including Candlewicking, Hardanger, Latch Hook, Long Stitch and Applique Kits.

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  • Long Stitch Kits

    Longstitch is an embroidery technique which involves combining stitches in a variety of lengths to create an image or pattern. It became very popular in the 1970's and is very fast and easy to stitch. The definition of a long stitch is one straight stitch worked to any length in one direction, though most longstitch kits use a vertical stitch.
    Longstitch kits usually have the design outline printed onto the canvas but can also be counted from a chart.

  • Latch Hook Kits

    A selection of quick and easy latch hook kits and accessories, suitable for beginners and experienced latch hook crafters.

  • Counted Canvas Work

    Counted canvas work or needlepoint is achieved by following a chart and stitching onto blank canvas, similar to counted cross stitch but using a wide variety of different stitches.
    We have a lovely selction of counted canvas work kits from Derwentwater Designs, Design Works and more.

  • Candlewicking Kits

    Candlewicking is a traditional English embroidery technique that is worked on cotton fabric using the same thread that was used to make candle wicks. Candlewicking was traditionally used to create designs on bedspreads, pillows, and other household items.
    Candlewicking kits have the design printed onto the fabric and contain all you need to complete the stunning designs.

  • Applique Kits

    Applique is the art of layering pieces of fabric over each other to build up a picture and create fantastic designs.
    We have a lovely range of Applique kits for you to choose from including some beautiful applique Christmas Stocking kits by Design Works.

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Showing 13 - 24 of 280 items
Showing 13 - 24 of 280 items